Top 5 ways to fix MS Outlook issues


MS Outlook is popular with technical as well as non-technical users because of its friendly interface and compatibility with Windows and other Microsoft products. But one cannot deny the fact that error messages, PST file corruption, and mail inaccessibility issues are common with this email client. However, one can deal with them in different ways. Here, we will show you five simple ways for that.

  • Repair PST files using the Inbox Repair Tool
  • Archive old items to reduce the mailbox size
  • Compact PST files
  • Verify Outlook profile settings
  • Repair PST files using Outlook PST Repair Tool

Repair PST files using the Inbox Repair Tool

Scanpst.exe is a simple utility to repair damaged PST files. It scans PST files to check the numbers of errors in the file. Then it allows to repair the file. Its advantage is that it’s a free utility (from Microsoft).  The downside is that you have to run it many times to repair your corrupted files. Also, it works only on small PST files.


Note: To find this scanpst.exe in your system, just use the following path: C:\ Program files\ Microsoft Office\ Office (version)\ Scanpst.exe

Archive old items to reduce the mailbox size

Large PST files are error prone. So, it’s a good practice to archive the mailboxes to keep their size small. By archiving, you save old (unused) items separately. Reducing the maiblox size helps to increase the speed and to improve the performance of the Outlook applicatin. It reduces the possbility of PST file corruption too.


Note: In Outlook, the Archive option can be found in the Cleanup Tools drop-down list (go to File>Info).

Compact PST files

When you delete items from the Outlook, the PST files get compacted automatically. You can compact the PST files manually too. Compacting the PST files enhances the Outlook performance.


Note: The Compact option can be accessed by clicking Settings on the Data Files tab in Outlook (to go there, click File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings).

Verify Outlook profile settings

Outlook may display error messages when you send or receive emails. There can be numerous reasons and corresponding solutions for these errors. But the primary issue may be incorrect Outlook profile settings. So you are advised to verify the profile settings. For this, create a new profile and check if you can receive and send emails from new profile. If it is successful, configure your new Outlook profile as the default profile.


Note: You can view the Outlook profiles under the Data Files tab in Outlook (click File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings).

Repair PST files using Outlook PST Repair software

The Outlook PST Repair tool is a professional solution to repair small as well as large Outlook PST files. It recovers inaccessible data to PST, DBX, MBOX, Office 365, web mails like Gmail, and email Servers like Exchange Server. This tool is user-friendly and can repair multiple PST files at a time.


MS Outlook is not entirely free of errors, corruption, and inaccessibility issues.  But you can elminate most of these issues, either using some free/inbuilt features or using third-party PST repair tools.

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