Overcoming oversized PST file issue by implementing PST repair tool

Personal Storage Table or PST is a characteristic feature of MS Outlook. PST files store messages, calendar events and other mail items. Thus, it can be said that PST files are used to save archive items. This is the special feature of MS Outlook. MS Outlook store these PST files in hard drive of the system thus vacating space in email servers to include other mails.

Moving files from email server to PST files is an appreciable step usually taken, but aftermath of such migration creates a powerful impact on PST files. Due to over accumulation of PST files in HDD, the PST files become inaccessible in time and more often gets corrupt.

Although there are several reasons like virus attack, broken PST file, sudden system shutdown, network issues that are responsible for corruption of PST files, but the most common error that user encounters is “Oversized PST files.”

Introduction to “Oversized PST files” issue

The prior versions of MS Outlook 2003 were using ANSI format. ANSI was the standard file format that was used till 2002. The later versions of MS Outlook has UNICODE format that also supports ANSI format.

The main issue with prior versions was that it limits the PST file size to 2 GB. Due to which whenever the file size reaches 2 GB limit, user cannot access that file anymore. Thus, user cannot make any changes to that file. However, if you are using higher version of MS Outlook, you may not face the “Oversized PST files” issue. This is because the higher versions of MS Outlook supports UNICODE and ANSI file formats and comparative to prior versions of the MS Outlook the file size limit is much higher.

Solution to “Oversized PST files” issue

Purported as a major complex issue, Microsoft launched an external assistance tool-pst2gb to rescue the file that remains inaccessible due to oversize issue. This tool restores the file to keep it accessible, but when situation turns ugly, pst2gb does not works efficiently. Thus, user has to look for some other route.

The other try made by Microsoft was in the form of ‘Service Packs.’ These service packs were so designed that whenever PST limit was about to reach 2GB, it stopped adding any data to it. Thus, saving it from getting corrupt. This created great inconvenience to Outlook users. Therefore, a need of third-party tool arrived to support the users’ need.

PST recovery tool retrieves entire PST data that got corrupt due to size limitations. Being most applauded and highly recommended among professionals, Outlook PST Repair became reliable and efficient tool.

Outlook PST Repair tool efficiently recovers PST file that get corrupt due to file limitations.  It takes no time to recover the entire PST file. The entire recovery process is independent of level of corruption and file size.

The Outlook PST Repair -Solution to PST file size issue

Outlook PST Repair contains powerful algorithm that drives the entire process of rescuing PST files that became the latest victim of oversized file issue. Specifically developed to deal with such corruption process,  Outlook PST Repair maintains the data consistency during the entire rescue operation. Also known as PST recovery tool, Outlook PST Repair impeccably recover PST files from any type of corruption. Recovery of PST file is not only limited to oversize issue, but it also applies to broken PST files, sudden system shutdown and entire network failure leading to PST file corruption. Once the data from corrupt PST file is recovered, user can preview the recovered file before saving them into specified location. Thus, authenticity of the tool can be verified.

The Outlook PST Repair can be tried without losing even a single penny. You have to just download the trail version of the tool that poses a limitation of saving the recovered files. The restriction can be easily overcome by purchasing the life time validity license of the tool that come with all-time technical support at no extra cost. However, as a user you have to keep in mind that your system must have Pentium class processor, minimum 64 MB RAM and 10 MB space for software installation. The Outlook PST Repair supports MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002 and 2000 along with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003 and 2000. For more information visit here:- http://www.free.pstrepairoutlook.com/

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