Over stacked PST files due to 2 GB truncation? Try PST Splicing Solution

More you fill the glass with water, more will be the volume occupied. Similar behavior can be observed with Outlook mailbox. More the data is saved in the form of OST and PST file format, the file saving capacity is parallel reduced to much greater extent leading to PST files inaccessibility. However, if you know that upon deletion some saving space can be create, then let us remind that the proportion in which the files and folders are deleted from the Outlook mailbox, in same proportion the saving space is not created.

Thus, the data saved in PST or OST files become inaccessible or more formally the files get CORRUPT. The exact reason for such file corruption is limited disk space to save the files. In MS Outlook platform, the versions prior than Outlook 2007 had limited disk space (2 GB) to save the upcoming OST and PST files. The other limitation with these versions was the file format i.e. ANSI was followed. Both the factors actively participated in discouraging the users from saving the PST files.

Microsoft introduced Outlook 2007 and higher versions with their saving capacity nearly 7 times enhanced from 2 GB which was present in prior versions. Now, user can save large amount of the data without worrying about the inaccessibility issue.

Perfect solution for Old Guy – 2 GB Resolution

For the new professionals moving to new Outlook version is a good option, but for the guys who wish to stick to the same old Outlook versions, there is a unique solution. Before initiating towards resolution, it is recommended to take back up of the PST files. However, user can move ahead if the concerned PST files are entirely damaged.

When user fails to access PST files, then it is simply the case of PST file corruption and in most of the cases it happens due to limited storage capacity i.e. 2 GB. In any case, the saving capacity cannot be enhanced, but there are other ways which are quite helpful in such event.

  • Repairing through Scanpst.exe: For the Outlook Versions prior than 2007, user can manages the PST file inaccessibility by repairing it with inbuilt utility – Scanpst.exe. The only limitation with this facility is that it does not work for complex corruption issues.
  • Other version migration/platform migration: For high-ended corrupt PST files, the other reachable option is migration of PST files in other versions of MS Outlook or changing the emailing platform from MS Outlook.
  • Starting from Scratch: Forget what happened. Just initiate from fresh start.

These points are quite effective to some extent, but not always. There is a need of effective remedy that can act strongly against PST file corruption. The remedy comes in the form of external assistance or more precise – A Third-Party Tool. It guarantees secure and time bound results.

Single Solution to resolve PST Issues – PST Repair Tool
Professionals admire the effectiveness of the tool designed to fix the Outlook PST related issues. The tool that gives such admirable performance is known as PST Repair tool. The inaccessibility of PST files is perfectly dealt by this tool without waiving hidden issues to get a chance. Even if the concerned PST file is password-protected or highly encrypted, the tool access the file without disrupting the file content. Therefore, data consistency is maintained throughout the process. The same can be rechecked by viewing the file items through ‘Preview’ option.

The trial version of PST Repair tool can be tried to know about the functional abilities of the tool. The trial version provides limited but efficient way to repair PST files. The other saving options can also be witnessed in the repair process.

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