More you fill the glass with water, more will be the volume occupied. Similar behavior can be observed with Outlook mailbox. More the data is saved in the form of OST and PST file format, the file saving capacity is parallel reduced to much greater extent leading to PST files inaccessibility. However, if you know that upon deletion some saving space can be create, then let us remind that the proportion in which the files and folders are deleted from the Outlook mailbox, in same proportion the saving space is not created. Read more about Over stacked PST files due to 2 GB truncation? Try PST Splicing Solution »

PST files are Outlook Data Files used by MS Outlook to store its mailbox data on local system’s hard disk. Personal Storage Table (PST) files are basically the backup files of MS Outlook storing all its emails, contacts, and other mailbox items on your system’s hard disk. PST files help data recovery of MS Outlook during data corruption issues. But the real trouble begins when PST files get corrupt. Yes, PST files also get corrupted at times. And, there can be various reasons for PST corruption. You just cannot use MS Outlook if PST files are corrupt. To restore Outlook communication, you need to repair corrupt PST files. You’re most likely to get error messages if you try to access corrupt PST files. Read more about Get rid of PST file corruption errors »

Personal Storage Table or PST is a characteristic feature of MS Outlook. PST files store messages, calendar events and other mail items. Thus, it can be said that PST files are used to save archive items. This is the special feature of MS Outlook. MS Outlook store these PST files in hard drive of the system thus vacating space in email servers to include other mails. Read more about Overcoming oversized PST file issue by implementing PST repair tool »